Timber Decay Remedial Services Ltd

Onsite Surveys

One of the most important services we offer is an independent timber and damp report. This is designed to accurately diagnose any form of dampness or decay issues affecting a building as well as recommending any remedial work required.

Other parts of this website describe the causes and symptoms of rising damp, woodworm, dry rot and other forms of fungal decay. It is clear how badly these problems can affect the structural security of a building. So, when buying or selling a property, a valid and extensive report is not only wise but it can prove to be invaluable.

Independent Surveys

We are one of the founder members of the Property Care Association (P.C.A.) and follow a strict code of practice.


Rotting Timber

Detailed report

As a purchaser, you may well benefit from an in-depth survey to give you peace of mind and the assurance your investment isn’t undermined by damp or rot.

As a seller, we can provide a detailed report on any dampness and timber infestation issues, which may be an obstacle to the sale of your property. Often our survey will confirm no problems exist, or will demonstrate that only minor treatment is required. Building societies and other mortgage lenders will accept our reports and findings.

Our on-site survey service is available in most locations and surveys can be arranged at short notice, with reports available by email and / or post. We are happy to quote for a survey before we carry out the work.